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Cheers to all this New Year… I am so excited to launch my monthly letter to you, which is long overdue and I have so much to share!

Each month  “What Would Char Do” will offer fun ideas and my personal thoughts on fashion looks and trends. Often I will be writing from fabulous distant places that I travel to, discovering unique designs hand crafted by independent artisans to bring back to our studio. We are constantly designing and dreaming up new collections at the White Studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico and we love to share our creativity and beautifully curated selections.

Our brands have reached new horizons and it is clear to me that classic, timeless style and quality will remain a primary go-to look for the authentic women we love.

On that note…Is it time to pick up a clean, crisp, winter white shirt? Or if you only wear basic black we have that too! Fresh is the name of the game starting a new year and I love white for winter in every shade!

Pair a white top or sweater with basic black pants and boots and you can go anywhere!  Accessories are key and right now I am in love with D & A's Rock Crystal – an “ice” look for winter that goes with everything.

Keep visiting our ever evolving website,, for incredible styles that fit our busy lives. We offer everything from casual and travel/resort wear to fabulous looks for evening. Find leather, lace, vintage one-of-a-kinds and of course beautiful cotton shirts, tunics, blouses and jewelry to accent any outfit you are creating.

Always be true to your own style and feel free to call or email me or my wonderful associates anytime!

We are always available to assist with style and fit questions to meet all your special shopping needs.


Char De Vazquez
Owner & Founder
Char Designs ~ Saint Estate


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